Good News/Bad News

Hey everyone - what a week it has been.

Took a walk with Sarah after we dropped my Mom and her friend Kelly off at the airport last weekend. Sported my limited print Front & Turner hoodie by Paramount theatre.

GOOD NEWS: I'll start off by letting you all that we've got three of the songs on the EP in the books - just a little mixing/mastering and those will be all set.  Mike and I have been working as many Saturdays as we can to lay these down and polish them for you all to hear.  I seriously can't wait for you all to hear all the work we've been doing in the studio.  Not only that, but orders are being placed for the Kickstarter rewards- so once I get those in I'll package everyone's orders together and send them out once the CDs get back from printing.  I had estimated that everything would be done and shipped to your doors by the end of October (still on the table), but with my traveling for work and latest news, it may be more like November.  With that being said, I'll move to the less-good news.

BAD NEWS: This past Monday I went to the doctor to check on why I'm always so thirsty, always going to the bathroom, and many other symptoms.  He took my blood sugar (which was high at 392) and told me to come back for labs the next morning.  I went back Tuesday morning, did the labs and went to work- only to get a call from the doctor, "I don't want to alarm you, but you need to go to the ER... now" - so I did that.  To make a long story short, I was in the hospital from Wednesday until Saturday afternoon and got a bag full of nifty giftys from them to manage my newly diagnosed type-1 diabetes.  Unfortunate, but a life-adjustment of diet, exercise, and lots and lots and LOTS of needles (my favorite).  I planned on being in the studio this Saturday, but this hospital visit has kicked me a week behind.  Either way, it'll get done, just a little later than I had hoped.  

Little did I know that only a few days later, I'd be laying in the ICU at Tufts, right around the corner from the Paramount theatre, getting poked and prodded every hour on the hour for 60 hours. :)

I'm going to have a lot more doctors appointments in the near future until my levels are situated, and I'm learning a lot of about type-1 diabetes. Many people think that you eat a ton of sugar and give yourself diabetes, but in my case, my pancreas just gave up and doesn't make any insulin to break down my sugars and carbs.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm fine, but just wanted to keep you all informed.

Love you all- cheers (have a beer for me, since I can't anymore), and hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks!


Cameron Cotham

Front & Turner, Quincy, MA 02171