Kickstarter Rewards are IN - and the store is LIVE!

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Well everyone- the time has finally come! 

I received the printed copies of the EP from Discmakers Wednesday and am in the midst of autographing copies and getting packages sorted to ship out.  I'm in-between hand-delivering some of them to you all in NC since Sarah and I will be in town for Christmas and just blast-mailing them out at my local post office here.  They should ship out Monday or Tuesday. 

My friend Rebekah Todd just completed her Kickstarter as well and actually BROKE the Benson post office the other day when she tried to ship out her Kickstarter rewards for her new album.  If you haven't, check her out at - her new album is bound to be killer - can't wait for my copy!

Either way, I'm really excited to finally deliver on my promises- for you all to get ahold of the album, listen to it, burn it and share it with others... play out more, and get back in the studio with Mike Fitz to record some songs that I've been writing since the Kickstarter began.  I'm really proud of this little EP here, and I hope you all enjoy it.  

Until next time- and here's to an awesome 2017!



Cameron Cotham

Front & Turner, Quincy, MA 02171