Welcome Back

You know...? Sometimes it's good to just shut it all off.  Not long after the EP release in December and a handful of gigs around Boston through the Spring, I had to take a breather.  There's so much nasty in the world and online that I deleted Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all the social apps off of my phone. 

I re-watched The Office on repeat for the 69th time. 

Kept quiet. 

I went dark. 

...Off the grid. 

......Grew a beard.

It was actually really nice.  Sometimes you just need to calibrate and look around at your immediate surroundings - your family, friends, job, interests and goals- and just breathe.  Everything is going to be fine.  Take a minute - I did, and it was AMAZING.

To catch up:

1. We got a dog named Finn and he is the greatest soul and bestest friend I could have ever asked for.

"No matter how you feeling, a little dog gonna love you" - Waka Flocka Flame

"No matter how you feeling, a little dog gonna love you" - Waka Flocka Flame

2. My smoking hot wife is still kicking butt and we bought a house! (No more rent!!!)

Built in 1812... this thing has some bones.  Finn approves.  Almost fireplace weather.

Built in 1812... this thing has some bones.  Finn approves.  Almost fireplace weather.

3. I started a "Newsletter" for Front & Turner where I'll send out updates, free music, sneak peeks, discounts on merch and other things once a month or so.  You can join here and opt out any time- it's just an email:


So far I've written a handful of songs since the first EP and have opted to try and do my best recording them by myself in the basement.  Recording, re-recording, and editing, and just releasing things as I please under no time, financial, or other external constraints.  I have spent some time in this old house and creepy basement just taking it all in, finding inspiration, and working on some new songs for you guys. I've written, recorded, mixed and mastered everything myself- so it's not exactly "pretty" but I hope you guys like it as much as I have enjoyed making it.  These may just end up as "demos" for a larger album down the road, but for the time being I just want to keep feeding you all new music.  quiet or LOUD.

To stay in touch, sign up for the newsletter and follow me on Spotify.




Hope everyone had a great holiday and start to the new year.  The EP launched successfully on all platforms and can now be downloaded via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal, BandCamp, CD Baby, and almost anywhere else.  It can be streamed all day every day over on Spotify, which you can follow below:

Any new music will be posted there as well as on YouTube.  With that being said, my wife Sarah and I are buckling down this winter while it's wicked cold outside with porters and coffees and putting together little duets of cover songs and videos every month as well as writing our own music as a side project or addition to Front & Turner.  We just put out this quick cover of Ed Sheeran's new single "Castle On The Hill" as our first try.  It's not the best, but sometimes you have to ride the wave to stay relevant.  Plus, it was great practice for the both of us as well as quite an experience filming in 10 degree weather (NEVER AGAIN).  That video (and a ton of others can be found on my channel below):

There are a few shows that I've booked for the Spring, but I'm hoping to add a LOT more between now and the summer, so keep an eye out if I swing close to your home.  Also- let me know of any suggestions or connections to reach out to.

Other than that, everything else is going well.  I'm writing more music to hopefully put out soon, the health is in check, and I'm booking more shows in and around the northeast- so stay in touch, and keep checking back here, Facebook, and all the other platforms.  Seriously - you can follow me on all of them, right here:



Kickstarter Rewards are IN - and the store is LIVE!

Click the image to check out the merch on the Front & Turner store!

Well everyone- the time has finally come! 

I received the printed copies of the EP from Discmakers Wednesday and am in the midst of autographing copies and getting packages sorted to ship out.  I'm in-between hand-delivering some of them to you all in NC since Sarah and I will be in town for Christmas and just blast-mailing them out at my local post office here.  They should ship out Monday or Tuesday. 

My friend Rebekah Todd just completed her Kickstarter as well and actually BROKE the Benson post office the other day when she tried to ship out her Kickstarter rewards for her new album.  If you haven't, check her out at rebekahtodd.com - her new album is bound to be killer - can't wait for my copy!

Either way, I'm really excited to finally deliver on my promises- for you all to get ahold of the album, listen to it, burn it and share it with others... play out more, and get back in the studio with Mike Fitz to record some songs that I've been writing since the Kickstarter began.  I'm really proud of this little EP here, and I hope you all enjoy it.  

Until next time- and here's to an awesome 2017!



FIRST VLOG // OCT.15.2016 // Diabetes, Dogs, Drives and Squirrels.

FIRST VLOG // OCT.15.2016 // Diabetes, Dogs, Drives and Squirrels.

OCT.15.2016 - #StepOutDiabetes walk, fall drives to Uxbridge, EP sneak, and more.